These Bones Became the Roots of the Forest​.​.​.​.

by Blencathra

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West Maddox
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West Maddox Like Winterpercht said, the riffs and atmosphere are so fucking good that it overrules the mechanical drum machine. Drifting Through Autumn Trees is seriously my favorite song of the year. I've been listening to it almost daily!
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Winterpercht Great melodic BM from the UK. The drum computer surely isn't the thing, but the highly melodic riffs and the great songwriting may let you click the buy button. Some galopping true metal parts included, I like that!
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released June 22, 2017

All music written and performed by Nicholas Fry



all rights reserved


Blencathra Glenridding, UK

Formed in 2017 Blencathra is inspired by the legends and landscapes of Northern England. The music aims to capture an ancient primal atmosphere.

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Track Name: On The Trail of Our Ancestors
b¯æne duguð râd ðone as weald (These Bones Became the Roots of the Forest)
Track Name: The Forest Temple
The Forest Temple

Fell land
In seasons pass I wander the cascade
lost in the wake of Mabon
now ripen the lakes, to the tarns we ride
auburn eye in silence

lost in reveries....
gripping sward cold

vengeance under bloody skies
to perdition we ride

charge the slaughter
cast the blows with pride
on this horse until thou meets thy fate
ride the storm this night

severed lives within a blinded eye
bodies forced into the ground
treachery formed against the crown of our realm
now the time has come to fight

Thunder calls
guiding chaos light
returning the battle cry
in certainty of mine fate

With heart of stone
and head of hate
soul condemned with the blackest of marks
we behold
cowards and traitors
condemned to die...
Track Name: As The Shadows Rise
As The Shadows Rise

Spirit born of this world
as an ageless oak afeith my soul to land and sky
we stand to defend, no enemy walk upon our sacred ground
no foe to tear these roots of pride
to stand and fight

yet not forgotten....

As echos of battle, we ride on forth

Spirit of dying elm
from whence I came, I shall return to these skies of fire
we stand to defend, no enemy walk upon our sacred ground
with fire burning in our eyes
stand, fight and die

(instrumental section)

look not upon the growing storm
with honor thy fate...

(instrumental section)

When all is lost
and countless lives cast asunder
face the realm
now fields of orchids in the blood red dawn
no pride in wasted lives
our land soaked in blood
as spirits to wander the earth
Track Name: Drifting Through Autumn Trees
Drifting Through Autumn Tress (These bones became the roots of the forest)

These chants will last forever
condemned with cursed pride
as shadows passed in Autumns wake
spirits of forest turned blind
Track Name: Carpathian Moonrise
Carpathian Moonrise

The semblance of warriors at dawn light
cold breath drifts through autumn trees
in the cold shadow of Carpathia
the wolf cries alone to the night....

Sounding of the battle horns
valleys rich in the cold mourning cadence
parent earth specter to millennia past
sorrow in absurdity

To breath...

.....thy enemy's hate

To feel,,,,,,

..........thy comfort in fear

yet death is not privilege to any man

surrender to not but the mountains
for thy battles serve only the ferry man of styx

seeking solitude in isolation
escape to the forest....

Deserter destitute yet hell claims no remittance
soul to search the forest realm

Grace light mine path...
through dark oaks I walk for eternity
forgotten unto the world
in earth and oaks cradle eternal

mine splendor, I curse the false of valor
vale of hate deceives mine senses
give not thy spirit to tongue of silver
destitute to lands unknown

Through rocks and mist I climb
these roots uncertain to hold
specter of life within a covered dream
I scale the ancient fells...

In the passage of oaks, under silver sky
Carpathian moonrise
sword in hand, single eye
let Odin's hand be mine guide

Wandering the fell land
home of groundless spirits
children of battle, eternal in the ether